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Vladimir Altschuler

Honoured Artist of Russia


The conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic, honored artist of Russia, Cavalier of the Friendship Order, Professor VLADIMIR ALTSHULER joined the orchestra in 1969, a year before graduating from the Leningrad Conservatory (alto class of Y. Kramarov). In 1972, the musician founded the Philharmonic String Quartet, and in 1982 became the leader of the viola group. Vladimir Altshuler simultaneously graduated from the Conservatory majoring in Opera and Symphony conducting. The musician made his conductor's debut in 1984 with the Philharmonics Academic Symphony Orchestra. In the same year he became a conductor-assistant of the orchestra.

Vladimir Altshuler was appointed conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra in 1994. Artists repertoire attracts listeners with its variety: from Bach's clavier concertos to Shostakovich's cinematic soundtracks, from J. Strausss waltzes and to works by Penderecki and Lutosławski. He was the first in Russia to perform all of Bruckner's symphonies, Handel's Oratorio Saul, Monteverdi's Opera Orpheus (authentic version). 20th century music induces conductors keen interest. Tippets Oratio "Child of our time" and the music drama Bernauerin by Orff was performed for the first time in Saint-Petersburg thanks to Vladimir Altshuler. He introduced the premieres of works by Ustvolskaya, Y. Falik, V. Basner and other Russian and foreign authors.

The conductor has toured abroad extensively: Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, the Baltic States and the Korea Republic.

An active concert musician, Vladimir Altshuler pays considerable attention to teaching. He is a Professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture. In addition, the artist is engaged in scientific research, Vladimir Altshulers thesis focuses on history, theory and practice of conducting.

Collaborated work with the Academic Symphony Orchestra still occupies the main place in the musicians schedule, along with the joint St. Petersburg performances, and tours. In October 2018, under the direction of Altshuler, Academic Symphony Orchestra concerts were held in five cities of Great Britain Basingstock, Crawley, Canterbury, Norwich and Guildford.

The media has the highest regard for the collaborated work of the artist and the orchestra: "the enchanting glitter of the pipes, the splendor of the strings induced the musical, rhythmically perfected fireworks, which was precisely and subtly conducted by the elegant Vladimir Altschuler. The performance was met with a storm of applause and exclamations: Bravo!

Among the highlights of the coming season are Taneyev's Cantata "John of Damascus" and Orffs "Carmina Burana" , Rachmaninoff's Second Symphony, Tchaikovsky's Fifth and Bruckner's Second; the First concert of Liszt and symphonic impressions of Manuel de Falla "Nights in the Gardens of Spain" in collaboration with pianists Vadim Rudenko and Alexander Pirozhenko will also be performed. Yet another project "Yellow stars", directed by Altshuler will be held in February 2019; it has received its name from Schwartzs largest symphonic work, the premiere of which was presented by Vladimir Altshuler in 2000.

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