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Alexander Kashpurin was born in 1996 in Volzhsky city of Volgograd Region, Russia. Since 2009 he started studying in the Musical Lyceum of Saint-Petersburg in the class of Irina Lobikova, and in 2014 he joined the Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory, his teacher being Honored Artist of Russia prof. Tatyana Zagorovskaya.

Alexander is a laureate of several International and All-Russian competitions and awards:

International Music Competition in Stockholm, Sweden (Grand Prix, 2010);

Perpetuum Mobile International Music Competition in the Netherlands, (1st prize);

 Modern Classic International Competition of Young Pianists in Riga, Latvia (1st prize, 2012);

The 9th Chopin Golden Ring International Competition of Young Pianists in Slovenia (absolute winner and special award recipient, 2013);

The 3rd All-Russian S. Bendizky Piano Competition (Grand Prix and special award recipient, 2017);

The 7th J. Vitols International Piano Competition (Grand Prix and special award recipient, 2017)

Two-time winner of the All-Russian competition "Young talents of Russia" in the nomination "Musical Art"

In years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 he became a winner of the "Young Talents" Award of the Government of Saint-Petersburg.

As a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles he has toured in the Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Mongolia and China, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Azerbaijan.

Alexander collaborated with such conductors as G. Rinkevičius, A. Laksteigala, F. Mastrangelo, Z. Gugkaev, M. Fedotov, A. Kantorov, etc.

Alexander participated in masterclasses of such famous pianists as T.Vasary (Hungary), C.Katsaris (France), D. Bashkirov (Russia), G. Wallisch (Austria), W. Brons (Netherlands), D. Pollack (USA), A. Tuerk-Espitalier (Germany), A. Sandler (Russia) etc.

The pianist has made CD-records under Melody label.

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