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Alexei Massarsky



Alexei Massarsky was born in a musicians family in 1965. He graduated from the St.Petersburg State Concervatory in 1990 and since then he has been teaching in this Academy. He is a winner of many prestigious international competitions. Since 1987 he has given concerts in Russia and abroad. He has participated in different Festivals in Japan, the USA, South Korea, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Denmark. He has collaborated with such famous musicians as I. Musin, V. Chernushenko, M. Jansons, D. Sondescis, J. Domarkas, M. Shostakovich, S. Stadler, T. Mynbaev, F. Mansurov, R. Martynov, A. Katz, K. Orbelian, A. Boreyko, V. Ziva, M. Argerich and others. As a soloist he has concerted with Deutsche Radio Orchester, Opernhaus Zürich, St.Petersburg Philharmonic, State Capella, Moscow State Chamber Orchestra.He has realized more than 10 CDs.

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