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May 2022
6:00 pm
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Starting point

Time of history: Philharmonic countdown

From the program of the first concert of the Philharmonic

St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Alexey Nyaga
Soloist Mikhail Krutik

Tchaikovsky. Violin Concerto

Shostakovich's First Triumph

St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Alexey Nyaga

Shostakovic. Symphony No. 1
The Bolt Ballet Suite (parts)

From the program of the orchestra's first concert as part of the Philharmonic

St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Alexey Nyaga

Glinka. Overture from Ruslan and Ludmila
Dargomyzhsky. "Kazachok"
Mussorgsky. "Night on Bald Mountain"
Rimsky-Korsakov. "Three Miracles" from "The Tale of Tsar Saltan"
Borodin. Polovtsian Dances

Counting down from the classics
In the beginning was Bach

Divertissement Chamber Orchestra
Artistic director and soloist Ilya Ioff

Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No.3
Martynov. "Well-tempered beauty"
Pärt. Collage über B-A-C-H
Bach. Double Violin Concerto

On the way of Cage

New Chamber St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor - Yaroslav Zaboyarkin

Cage. "4:33"
Xenakis. Mikka for violin solo
(soloist - Ilia Kozlov)
Pärt. "Fratres" for voilon and string orchestra (soloist - Ilia Kozlov)
"The Book of Sorrow and Joy"
Einaudi. Composition on the themes of the songs "Fly", "Primavera", "Una Mattina"

Counting down from Jazz
Contemporary Jazz


Tribute to Chick Corea

Stanislav Chigadaev piano

Continuum Quintet
Denis Kirillov
(keyboards, flute)
Pavel Chizhik
Mikhail Lenichko
Vladimir Kirasirov
Philip Meshcheryakov
(double bass)

Original compositions

History Time

Organ chronograph from Peter the Great to the present day

Liliia Pechenkina organ

Bach, Vidor, Reger, Messiaen, Tchaikovsky, Khachaturian, Shostakovich, Solovyov-Sedoy, Sviridov, Dashkevich, Grebenshchikov, Tsoi, Kornelyuk

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