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May, 2018
08:00 pm, Thur
Conductor - Vladimir Begletsov
St Petersburg Concert Choir
Boys choir of the Glinka choral college
Conductor - Vladimir Begletsov
Ekaterina Kurbanova - mezzo-soprano; Anton Andreev - baritone
Kalinnikov: Symphony No.1; Mussorgsky: Sunrise on the Moscow River; Tchaikovsky: Cantata "Moscow" for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, Festival Coronation March
May, 2018
06:00 pm, Mon
May, 2018
08:00 pm, Tue
Roman Perucki (Poland)
Organ Music Evening
J.-S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in E flat major; Mendelssohn: Sonata for Organ No.3 in A major (with theme of chorale "Aus der Tiefe rufe Ich"), Sonata for Organ No.6 in D minor (with theme of chorale "Unser Vater"); Gronau: "Komm, Gott Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist" ("Come, God Creator, Holy Ghost"); Morandi: Bell-Rondo (Rondo con imitazione de' campanelli); Vivaldi: "Extravagance" Concerto ("La Stravaganza")
May, 2018
07:00 pm, Wed
"Victory Spring"
Leningrad Military District Navy Admiralty Band
Conductor - Valentin Lyashchenko
Liudmila Shkirtil - mezzo-soprano; Anton Petryaev - baritone
Ippolitov-Ivanov; Basner; Tukhmanov; Agapkin; Semen Chernetsky; Shatrov; Joyce; Kyuss; Rodrigues; Rodriguez
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