Shigeaki Saegusa



Born in Tokyo in 1942 and graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, where he received M. A.
Saegusa’s principal opera works are as follows; opera "Ryurenpu --Tale of a five headed Dragon" in 1978, oratorio "Yamato Takeru" in 1989, opera "The Story of Thousand Memories" in 1991 and opera "Chushingura" in 1997. The opera “Jr. Butterfly” was performed in Tokyo in 2003 and repeated in Kobe in 2005 as 10 years memorial after Kobe earthquake. The “Jr. Butterfly” was performed at the 52nd Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, Italy in 2006 where Puccini had lived and composed his feature operas.
In addition to operas, he composed the Rock Mass "Radiation Mass" in 1981, "The Symphony" in 1983, Violin concerto "The Legend of Snow” in 1992, “Requiem - libretto by Ayako Sono” was premiered in Tokyo in 1998 and performed with Cuba National Symphony and Roppongi Male Chorus Club in Havana in 2005. Cantata “Teingai --The Prayer of a Free Person” was premiered in 2000. He has also made arrangements including: The Beatles "Memories“ in 1992 and Japanese folk songs "Nostalgy" for 12 cellists of Berlin Philharmonic in 1994.
In 1991 Saegusa was commissioned to complete the “Sinfonia Concertante in A” for violin, viola, violoncello and orchestra by International Foundation Mozarteum in Austria, which was W.A. Mozart’s unfinished work.
Saegusa composed the music for feature films including: "Doran (Uprising)" directed by S. Moritani in 1980, "Typhoon Club" directed by S. Somai in 1984 and "Gundam—Shah, the Revenges" directed by Y. Tomino in 1988. As music for TV programs, he composed theme music for drama series "Taiheiki" in 1991 and "Hana no Ran" in 1994, both were broadcasted by NHK.
Saegusa was awarded prizes such as Best Music Award at the 33rd Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 1988, "CESARE ZAVATTINI" award at the 42nd Festival Internazionale del Cinema di SALERNO in1989 and Best Music Award of Feature Film Music at Japan Academy Award in 1989.
In 2007, Saegusa was awarded “Tachibana Akiko Prize” and “The Medal with Purple Ribbon.”
His first mono-opera ”Grief” and piano concerto “Philosophy of squid” were premiered in 2008. In the same year, he was awarded “Puccini International Award” as a first Japanese prize winner by Puccini Festival Foundation. In 2010 the opera “Chushingura” Gaiden (side story of Chushingura) and “The Last Message” for male chorus and orchestra were performed as the world premiere in Tokyo. Awarded “Shin Watanabe Prize” in 2011. His latest opera “KAMIKAZE” will be premiered in Tokyo in January, 2013.
In 2014 opera “Jr. Butterfly” was re-performed at the 60th Puccini Festival in Italy with the Italian cast and Italian lyrics.

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