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Natalia Stetckaia



Natalia's love for the violin began at the local school of music in Mariupol on the shores of the Sea of Azov where she was taught by Lev Geister, a student of M.B. Lieberman. As a second year student at the Leningrad Conservatory, she was invited to play with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra as a guest performer, and subsequently earned her place through a competitive audition. She has also toured internationally with St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

A passionate advocate for classical and contemporary music, Natalia has taken part in a variety of festivals and competitions, both as soloist, and as a part of piano trios and a string quartets. Her work has included collaborative performances with the St. Petersburg Mozarteum and the St. Petersburg Camerata Chamber Orchestras, and she regularly performs with the St. Petersburg Association of Contemporary Music, headed by Georgiy Firtich. Her current repertoire includes works by Sergei Slonimsky, Igor Matsiyevsky, and Valentin Silvestrov. She plays an 18th century violin made by master Aegidius Klotz from Mittenwald, a small town in the Bavarian Alps, known for its instruments.

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