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In 1999, about 20 people, laymen as singers but well known professionals in their own fields, got together to perform at an AIDS charity benefit concert.

Soon thereafter, the group was formally constituted. Members hail from wide range of backgrounds: politicians, businessmen, academics and cultural figures, ranging in age from 20 to 86. They perform and raise money at various charity events for causes such as the Children’s Earth Fund, the Afghanistan Ambulance Fund and Indian Ocean Tsunami aide.

Activities also extend outside of Japan. The first tour in 2003 went to Vienna, Graz and Berlin. The tour to Cuba followed in 2005. In 2006 the chorus performed in Honolulu, Hawaii, and they made their opera debut at the Festival Puccini in Italy in August of this same year. In 2007, they performed at Salle de Garnier in the Monte Carlo Opera House, attended by Prince Albert of Monaco. The performance at Sala Sao Paulo, was recognized as an official program of “100 Years of Japan & Brazil Friendship”in 2008. In 2009, they performed at Madeleine Cathedral in Paris and at National Opera in Bordeaux as an official program. In 2010, Milano Duomo has invited the chorus to perform at their Cathedral. The chorus sang at the mass of St. Pietro in the Vatican the following day. In 2011, they performed in Geneva as an official concert for The International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. In 2013, Volgograd Oblast organized their concert in Volgograd city. In 2014, they appeared on re-performance of Saegusa’s opera “Jr. Butterfly” at the 60th Puccini Festival in Italy.

In January 2015, the chorus performed their original musical “Waist Size Story” in Tokyo.

The group has appeared in TV commercials, recorded theme songs for television shows and international events, in the process releasing eight CDs, each of it has been met with critical and commercial success.

There are 160 members, who come together to declare the beauty which music provides throughout our lives.

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