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Born on September 1, 1978, Ivan Ozhogin learned to sing and play various musical instruments at public music and theater schools in Ulyanovsk, Russia. In 2002 he graduated as a musical actor and opera singer from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in Moscow. Subsequently he appeared in leading and supporting roles in most Russian productions of musicals Chicago, Cats, Beauty and the Beast, Dance of the Vampires, Pola Negri as well as in the Russian musicals Wedding of the Jay Birds, Nord-Ost and a theater play The Black Bridle of a White Mare. He also played in the shows Broadway Stars in Moscow and Broadway Hits in St. Petersburg.

In 2011 Ivan Ozhogin managed a breakthrough as a musical actor when he starred as Count von Krolock in the Russian production of the musical Dance of the Vampires. The Russian premiere of the musical took place on September 3, 2011 at the Saint Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy. Ivan was awarded with Russia’s highest theater award – The Golden Mask – and The Musical Heart of the Theater Award – for this role.

In early 2013 Ivan Ozhogin cast for the role of Count von Krolock in the Berlin production of Dance of the Vampires and subsequently replaced Thomas Borchert. On February 8, 2013 Ivan performed for the first time in the German-speaking version of the musical on stage of the Theatre of the West in Berlin and became the first Russian actor to get cast in the original German production. He is also the only actor who performed the same role in two different languages and in two different countries at the same time.

Next to his career in musical theater Ivan Ozhogin also performs in concerts and musical shows with leading chamber and symphonic orchestras in both Russia and abroad. Having been called “velvet voice” by critics, Ivan uses his unique vocal tone and diapason to sing in more than fifteen languages and in multiple genres varying from folk and romance songs to rock and opera. Ivan also performs with the Moscow Helikon Opera and the choir at the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow. Since 2009 he tours Russia and Europe with the famous Russian choir in Vienna – Bolshoi Don Cossacks Choir. He is one of the initiators and founders of the open-air events of classical music named The Ecology of the Sound that take place in the Kaluga region.

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