Alexander Chernushenko

People's artist of Russian Federation


People’s artist of Russia Alexander Tchernushenko (born in 1960) is a representative of Leningrad/St Petersburg school of music. He is a graduate of the Choir College of the St Petersburg State Academic Capella and of the St Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire where he specialized in opera and symphony conducting under Prof. I. A. Musin, one of the most prominent teachers in Russia.

As early as in his studentship Alexander Tchernushenko demonstrated remarkable organizing capabilities. He assembled and organized, on amateur conditions, an orchestra of Conservatoire students and graduates. Under his leadership, the orchestra presented regular concerts of classic music.

For two years (1986-1988) Alexander Tchernushenko was working as a conductor of the Tchelyabinsk Opera & Ballet Theatre. In 1988, he was invited to take the position of conductor of the Leningrad Mussorgsky Maly Opera & Ballet Theatre. When working in the theatres, not only did Alexander Tchernushenko get familiarized with a wide range of opera and ballet repertoire, but also he acquired experience of his own productions.

In autumn 1991 he recreated the St Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra, because after the revolution 1917 the Court Orchestra of the St Petersburg Capella moved to the newly organized Philharmonic. Since then the Capella didn′t have its own orchestra. Actually, Alexander Tchernushenko on his own made up the composition of the orchestra personnel and successfully conducted their first concerts, which immediately demonstrated a high professional standard of the new group. From the date of his formal appointment (November 1, 1991) till these days, Alexander Tchernushenko works as its chief conductor.

Under his supervision the Orchestra has become one of the most well-known ensembles in Russia, undertaking successful tours in Europe, the UK and Asia. Alexander Thernushenko also works with foreign orchestras, organizes and takes part in international music festivals. He was given the title of the People's Artist of Russia in recognition of his contribution to the musical life of Russia.

Under his supervision the St Petersburg State Capella Symphony Orchestra recorded a grate number of CDs, incl. for Chandos and Naxos.

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