Georg Breinschmid


Georg  Breinschmid  was  born  in  1973  and  lives  in  Vienna.  He  is  one  of  the leading  Austrian  jazz   musicians  on  the  international  stage.

Breinschmid  studied  classical  double  bass  at  Vienna`s   music  university;  at  the  same  time  he  was  also  active  as  jazz  musician.  

He joined the Tonkünstlerorchester  Niederösterreich  from 199496  and  the  Vienna  Philharmonic  Orchestra   from  199698,  but  decided then  to  turn  his  back  on  his  orchestral  career  and  dedicate  himself  to  his  passion  for  improvised  music.  

Since  1999  he  established  himself  as  one  of  the  most  versatile   and  virtuoso bassists  of  the  international  jazz  scene.  Among  many  others  he  collaborated with   Archie  Shepp,  Charlie  Mariano,  Kenny  Wheeler,  Bireli  Lagrene,  Triology  and  Megablast.  He  was   resident  double  bass  player  of  the  Vienna  Art Orchestra  from  1999  until  2006.  From  2003  on,  Georg  Breinschmid  was  increasingly  active  as  composer  and  bandleader.   Numerous  CD  productions  like  Wien  bleibt  Krk  (2008)  or  the  double  albums  Breins  World   (2010)  and  "Double  Brein"  (2014)  received  rave  reviews  in  Europe  as  well  as  overseas.  Important   artistic  collaborations  include  trumpeter  Thomas  Gansch,  violinists  Benjamin  Schmid  and  Aleksey   Igudesman,  the  brothers  Frantisek  and  Roman  Janoska,  accordionist  Stian  Carstensen,  pianist   Antoni  Donchev,  The  Flying  Schnörtzenbrekkers,  arranger  Tscho  Theissing  and  many  others.  In   2010  the  trio  Brein`s  Café  performed  at  the  opening  of  Vienna  Festival  in  front  of  a  worldwide  TV   audience  of  millions.  2014  foundation  of  the  quartet  Strings  &  Bass  together  with  violinist  Florian   Willeitner.       He  won  the  Hans  Koller  Award  twice  (CD  of  the  year  2002,  Newcomer  of  the  year  2003).  From   2012  to  2015,  Georg  was  nominated  four  times  consecutively  for  the  Amadeus  Austrian  Music   Award  (category  Jazz/World/Blues).  His  unorthodox  compositions  at  the  interface  between  Jazz,   classical  and  viennese  music  are  considered  as  one  of  the  most  interesting  developments  in   contemporary  music.  His  works  are  being  performed  by  ensembles  like  The  Philharmonics,  the   Stuttgarter  Kammerorchester,  Amarcord  Wien,  Bass  Instinct  and  the  Australian  Chamber   Orchestra.  In  2011  Breinschmid  presented  for  the  first  time  a  full-length  program  of  his   compositions  with  symphony  orchestra  and  jazztrio,  with  Tonkünstlerorchester  Niederösterreich.   Numerous  orchestral  performances  of  his  music  follow,  among  others  with  Hongkong  Sinfonietta,   Symphonieorchester  Vorarlberg,  Moravia  Virtuosi,  Brno  Philharmonic,  Württembergische   Philharmonie  Reutlingen,  Tiroler  Symphonieorchester  Innsbruck  and  Brucknerorchester  Linz.  He   also  writes  commissioned  works,  a.o.  for  the  ensembles  Faltenradio,  The  Clarinotts,  Matthias   Schorn  (principal  clarinetist  of  Vienna  Philharmonic),  Sonus  Brass  and  many  others.

Participant of the festival in 2018.

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