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June, 2019
8:00 pm, Sat
Concert of Laureates of the International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians
St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra
Conductor - Alexander Titov
Ilya Papoyan - piano; Ivan Sendetsky - cello
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No 1; Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No 2
Organizers: Association of Tchaikovsky Competition Stars
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Wed
Offering to Alexander Pushkin To the 220th Anniversary of the Birth
Conductor - Alan Buribaev (Kazakhstan)
Tatiana Ryaguzova - soprano; Alexander Kuznetsov - baritone
Glinka: Overture from Ruslan and Ludmila; Lyadov: "In memory of A.S.Pushkin", Polonaise; Dargomyzhsky: Slavic and Gypsy Dances from the Opera Mermaid; Rimsky-Korsakov: Three Miracles from The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Wedding Procession and Finale from "Golden Cockerel"; Tchaikovsky: , Onegin's Aria from "Eugeny Onegin", , Ballad of Tomsky from the opera "Pique Dame" ("Queen of Spades"); Prokofiev: "Eugene Onegin", excerpts of music for the dramatic performance of the Chamber Theater; Rachmaninoff: , Aleko's Cavatina; Sviridov: Waltz from the musical illustrations to A.S. Pushkin's "Snowstorm"
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Fri
"Summer of the big city"
Bis-Quit Ensemble
"Bis-Quit" Chamber Orchestra
Grad Quartet
Vivaldi: "Summer" from "The Seasons"; Piazzolla: "Summer" from "Four Seasons", "Verano Porteno" Tango, "Oblivion"; Gershwin: Summertime; Tchaikovsky: "June" from "The Seasons"; J.-S. Bach: "Joke" from Suite for Flute and String Orchestra; Velázquez: "Bésame mucho"; Rota: "Walk with Fellini", suite
Cancelled concert
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Sun
Conductor - Felix Korobov
Soloist - Lukas Geniušas
Saint-Sans: Bacchanale from "Samson and Delilah", Piano Concerto No 2; R. Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Mon
Evening of Popular Classics
Conductor - Alexander Kantorov
Rossini: Overture from "L'italiana in Algeri"; Glinka: Souvenir d'une nuit d'été à Madrid; Smetana: "Vltava" from Cycle of Symphonic Poems "My Country"; Sibelius: "Finland", symphonic poem; Verdi: Overure from "I vespri siciliani"; Tchaikovsky: Hungarian and Spanish dances from the "Swan Lake" ballet, Trepak, Chinese and Arabic dances from the "Nutcracker" ballet; Gershwin: American in Paris, tone poem
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Tue
Orff. Carmina Burana
St. Petersburg State University Students Choir
Concert Choir of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture
"Perezvony" Choir
Artistic director - Larissa Yarutskaya
Conductor - Vladimir Altschuler
Alexandra Repina - soprano; Boris Stepanov - tenor; Vladimir Tselebrovsky - baritone
June, 2019
7:00 pm, Wed
Borodin, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky
St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra
Conductor - Alexander Titov
Ilya Papoyan - piano; Anna Vikulina - soprano
Shostakovich: Festive Overture; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances; Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No 1; Glière: Concerto for Coloratura and Orchestra; Tchaikovsky: "The Year 1812", festival overture
Organizers: "InterproektSaint-Petersburg"
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Thur
Yulianna Avdeeva
Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an Exhibition"
Chopin: Nocturne No 20, Nocturne in F Major, op. 15 No 1, Ballade No. 3 in A flat Major, Prelude in sharp minor, Scherzo No 3, Mazurkas op. 59, Polonaise No 6 in A flat major; Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Fri
Schubert. Symphony No. 8
J.Strauss II
Conductor - Hans Graf (Austria)
Artem Vargaftik - presenter
Schubert: Symphony No 8; Berg: Three Pieces for Orchestra; J. Strauss II: Die Fledermaus, Overture, "Stadt und Land" Polka Mazurka, "Bei uns Haus" Waltz, "Perpetuum mobile" Polka, "Roses From The South"
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Sat
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Sun
Conductor and soloist - Federico Mondelci
Alexander Malich - presenter
Rota: "La Strada", Suite; Morricone: Music from films A Gang Story, New Paradise Cinema, Marco Polo, The Legend of 1900; Nyman
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Wed
Conductor - Andrey Boreyko
Polina Osetinskaya - piano
Chopin: Polonaise and Waltz, Piano Concerto No 1; Lutoslawski: Concerto for Orchestra
Supported by: PricewaterhouseCoopers,
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Thur
Andreyev State Russian Orchestra
Conductor - Dmitry Khokhlov
Vyacheslav Zmeu - pan flute
Glinka; Tchaikovsky; Lyadov; Brahms; Dvořák
Organizers: Andreyev State Russian Orchestra
June, 2019
8:00 pm, Fri
Haydn. Oratorio "The Seasons"
LEGE ARTIS Chamber Choir
Artistic director - Boris Abalyan
St. Petersburg Choral Collegium
Artistic director - Nikolai Romanov
Conductor - Leo Kraemer (Germany)
Olga Shurshina - soprano; Oleg Losev - tenor; Ilya Mazurov - bass-baritone
June, 2019
7:00 pm, Fri
"Step Forward" Festival
Conductor - Stanislav Kochanovsky
Nikita Pletnev - piano; Ruslan Sack - piano; Maria Fedotova; Alexander Zhuikov; Yekaterina Fenina; Elizaveta Zakharova
Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 8, Aria of Figaro from "Le Nozze di Figaro", Duet of Susanna and Figaro from "Le Nozze di Fogaro", Aria of Susanna from "Le Nozze di Figaro"; Salieri: Concerto for Oboe, Flute and Orchestra; Saint-Sans: Piano Concerto No 2; Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto
Organizers: Step Foward! International Festival
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