Attendance Policy/ Rules for visiting Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic

Attendance policy of the Federal State funded Cultural Institution «St. Petersburg Philharmonic named after D.D. Shostakovich»

  1. A visit to an event held at the Philharmonic (hereinafter referred to as "Concert") is possible only with a ticket regardless of visitor’s age. By purchasing subscription or ticket to a concert at the Philharmonic, visitors accept rules & conditions and agree to comply with these rules and respect the order on the Philharmonic premises.

  2. The ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age. In order to comply with the requirements of the Federal Law "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development", visitors are required to comply with the age limit, if one is established, to ensure the information security of children at the Philharmonic concerts. Children under 8 years of age are not admitted to the evening concerts of the Philharmonic.

  3. While in the Philharmonic, visitors are obliged to take care of the property of the Philharmonic, keep the peace and observe fire safety regulations. Any damage caused to the Philharmonic shall be charged to those responsible for the damage in a mandatory manner according to the procedure set by the legislation of Russian Federation.

  4. The starting time of the concert is indicated on the ticket. It is advisable to arrive in advance in order to avoid queues at the entrance to the Philharmonic due to the ticket control.

  5. The ticket is presented to the usher in the expanded form at the entrance to the building of the Philharmonic. Visitors must follow the order of priority/ queue and comply with the requirements of administration or ushers who are authorized to check tickets for admittance to the Philharmonic.

  6. Visitors with an electronic ticket can, if desired, receive a corresponding standard paper ticket at the ticket office. In this case, the electronic ticket will be annulled.

  7. In case of a visitor’s leave from the Philharmonic Hall followed by his re-entry, the ushers may again request that the visitor shows the ticket.

  8. For safety reasons, the following objects are prohibited inside the Philharmonic facilities: weapons, inflammable, explosive, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, piercing and cutting objects, pyrotechnic devices, laser flashlights, narcotic substances. It is forbidden to enter the Philharmonic with pets.

  9. According to Clause 8 of the Security Rules all visitors of the Philharmonic must pass through the installed metal detector frame in the presence of the Philharmonic security officer. If you refuse to go through the metal detector frame, the Philharmonic has the right to deny your admission with no ticket refund.

  10. Visitors with cardiac pacemakers that can provide a confirmation document have the right to refuse to walk through the frame of the metal detector and instead undergo a manual examination with a metal detector.

  11. If, when passing through the metal detector frame, it is revealed that the visitor may have one of the prohibited objects, the Philharmonic has the right to ask the visitor to present the object that triggered the reaction of the metal detector for inspection. Also in such cases the Philharmonic has the right to check the visitor with a hand scanner (metal detector). If the visitor refuses to be checked with a hand scanner (metal detector) or present the object that triggered the reaction of a metal detector, the Philharmonic has the right to deny your admission with no ticket refund.

  12. In other cases of suspicion that the visitor may have items specified in Clause 7 of the Security Rules that potentially endanger safety, the Philharmonic has the right to deny admission and refund the cost of the ticket.

  13. Headwear, outer clothing, three-dimensional bags (more than 40x30x20 cm) and backpacks should be left at the cloakroom. The property of visitors is accepted for temporary storage according to the principle "as is" without additional examination of hidden contents, obvious and hidden defects and other parameters. The Philharmonic administration is not responsible for the safety of the contents of the pockets of outer clothing and the contents of the checked-in bags.

  14. Admission to the concert hall is open after the first beginner’s call and not earlier than one hour prior to the start of the concert. After the third call, the entrance is not allowed. In case of late arrival, visitors have the right to pass only to the choir seats, and then switch to designated seats only in the intermission.

  15. Entrance to the concert hall is prohibited:

  1. in outer clothing, as well as with objects or products that may stain other visitors in the facilities of the Philharmonic;

  2. with food and/or drinks;

  3. with big-sized objects (over 40x30x20cm), paper, polyethylene or other bags, backpacks, sports bags and flowers in cellophane or paper packaging;

  4. under intoxication by alcohol, narcotic or other.

  1. Visitors are obliged to take seats in the concert hall according to the row and place indicated on the ticket. It is prohibited to switch seats without the approval of the Philharmonic administration.

  2. For the duration of the concert, all portable electronic devices must be switched off or turned to silent mode.

  3. Taking photos or recording concerts or fragments are prohibited without the special permission from the administration of the Philharmonic in order to protect copyrights and other related rights.

  4. Wandering around the concert hall as well as having loud conversations during the concert is prohibited.

  5. Visitors are forbidden to enter the stage and other staff facilities of the Philharmonic at all times.

  6. In accordance with the Federal Law of 23.02.2013 N 15-FZ "Protection of the Citizens' Health from effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco use" smoking is prohibited on all the Philharmonic premises.

  7. Visitors that do not comply with these Rules, interfere with other visitors, violate public order, endanger life and health of other visitors could be removed from the Philharmonic, with no ticket refund. Depending on the nature of the violation, the administration of the Philharmonic can limit itself to just a warning or hand over the violator to the police to take the appropriate enforcement action.

  8. The text of these Rules is placed for visitors' information on the official site of the Philharmonic ( and by the Philharmonic's booking offices. 

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